Popular for its potent and sedative effects, the Zombie Kush marijuana strain was developed by Ripper Seeds and is a heavy indica hybrid with a very impressive lineage. It’s actually one of the most unique weed flowers available for sale.

Zombie Kush was created by a Spanish seed company, but this strain is now especially popular in California. It’s unique genetic lineage combined with a complex cannabinoid and terpene profile allowed this strain to win the 1st Prize Indica at the 2016 UCLA Cup, followed by the 1st Prize at the 2017 Napoli Secret Cup for the Best Extract.

Here is everything you need to know about this potent and incredibly enjoyable bud.


Zombie Kush was created by using mostly Amnesia, Bubba Kush and Lavender Kush genetics and is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid. With some top-notch characteristics inherited from its Pakistani and Afghani genetics way down the Zombie Kush’ lineage, this bud comes with a very impressive set of effects.

THC Content

The Zombie Kush marijuana strain comes with moderately high levels of THC, ranging around 20%. Although you can find cannabis buds packed with a greater amount of this cannabinoid, 20% is more than enough for most users to experience a potent yet well-rounded high.


The buds of Zombie Kush are densely coated with crystal clear trichomes and generously sprinkled with orange pistils. Although green in color, these flowers come with some purple shades, which makes them even more interesting to the eye. When looking for weed for sale in online dispensaries, it’s impossible to pass by indifferently once you spot the photo of Zombie Kush.

On top of that, Zombie Kush grows fairly compact buds that are a bit oily and sticky to the touch because of a fine layer of resin on the surface.

Fragrance & Flavors

Zombie Kush comes with a good old-fashioned skunky aroma that can be easily detected from across a large room. Although skunky, this flower also smells a bit earthy with some hints of pine and spices — but you can also smell its delicate lemon-diesel fragrance.

When smoked, Zombie Kush produces thick white smoke of a quite neutral flavor with some earthy hints. Unlike other marijuana strains, this flower leaves no aftertaste and carries less strong flavors than other Kush varieties.


The Zombie Kush marijuana strain induces quite strong effects and therefore is mostly recommended for evening or nighttime use. You may actually feel like you want to take a nap after smoking this flower.

The high starts in the back of the head and induces a pleasant tingling and buzzing in the head. However, it won’t make you feel overwhelmed with its effects that easy. Zombie Kush provides utter relaxation that spreads throughout the whole body, slowly turning into a warm and sleepy state of mind. As this blissful feeling begins to take over, you will suddenly feel a need to take a nap and relax for a while.

Zombie Kush can get you really high with its above-average levels of THC. After smoking bigger amounts of this bud, you can become very sleepy and experience a deep sense of relaxation overall. While your body relaxes, your head will become lighter and therefore this bud is a great choice not only for recreational but also for medical marijuana users.

Medical Uses

Zombie Kush can be an excellent medical marijuana strain, as it comes with sedative effects, helping the user fall asleep while reducing stress and tension. Because of its heavily relaxing properties, the flower can help you with anxiety and depression, enhancing your mood and keeping you in a calm state of mind at the same time.

Effective when it comes to treating discomfort or even pain in muscles and joints, the Zombie Kush marijuana strain can also be an amazing choice for athletes, especially for sports that are hard on joints.

As mentioned before, Zombie Kush is able to make the user very sleepy and therefore it is widely recommended for those having trouble sleeping, including insomniacs.

Potential Side Effects

Most marijuana strains only come with some mild adverse reactions. Zombie Kush is no different, despite having such high levels of THC. When smoked in heavy amounts, the flower can make your mouth and eyes dry. It may also give you a mild headache or make you slightly dizzy, but these side effects are less common.


Created by combining two various Kush genetics, the Zombie Kush strain grows beautiful and potent buds with a very complex terpene profile. This exotic genetic blend of cannabis plants gives its users a long-lasting and relaxing physical high accompanied by a happy head buzz that will make you couch-locked but also giggling. As an indica-dominant strain, Zombie Kush is recommended for an evening or nighttime use.

Zombie Kush AAAAA


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