Effects: Relaxation, sleepiness, euphoria, happiness, hunger, concentration, creativity 

May Relieve: Stress, anxiety, depression, pain, Insomnia, lack of appetite, headaches

There’s an intriguing mystery surrounding the origins of White Bubba. This hybrid gets its distinctive purple look from its parents who both have somewhat of a missing link in their lineage. The Indica strain has a solid OG kush Backbone that presents a very relaxing yet euphoric high. It’s known to be an excellent way to deal with headaches, insomnia, or a chill day at home.

This strain gained a lot of renown in California where it found a home, and it used to be somewhat hard to come by before it became popular. This combination of White Bubba and The White strains has a mild but long-lasting high that is bound to improve your mood.

What Exactly is the White Bubba Marijuana Strain?

White Bubba is a mix of Bubba Kush and The White, which is where the plant gets its frosty look. The story suggests that OG Kush fertilized an unknown New Orleans cannabis strain which got combined with Northern lights. The Afghani descended Bubba Kush then established itself in California where it thrives today. Like it’s grandfather, its relaxing effects are a characteristic of this Indica strain.

When it comes to The White, the story alleges that this strain comes from the state of Florida where its name used to be Triangle. The most striking aspect about this variety is how the buds seem covered in shining sugar. The reason behind its looks is the dense amount of white trichomes that surround the whole plant.

And thus we have White Bubba, which is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain with a 20% THC percentage.

White Bubba: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

This strain has a strong earthy yet sweet flavor that matches a combination of coffee and chocolate. When exhaling, smooth citric notes characterized by OG kush are noticeable, and sometimes the taste can even be somewhat sour.

The appearance of this plant is one of the most exciting yet popular features as the leaves have strong purple tones that at times may even look black. The bud is usually completely covered in a snowy looking coat of oversized trichomes that you can find in The White, and these are generally, though not always, indications of an Indica dominant strain.

Aroma-wise, this variety doesn’t stray away from its taste. Breaking down a bud of White Bubba reveals pungent tones among a strong fruity scent. The plant also has a smooth sour essence that is dominant in OG Kush. Unlike The White, this strain highly aromatic.

White Bubba Effects

Even though this strain is a potent Indica, White Bubba high starts with a slight energy boost and mind euphoria. Its effect may contribute to a better mood and peace of mind. Here’s where people may misinterpret the high of White Bubba. After the initial high, it fades into an intense relaxed sensation that some describe as sedating.

Best consumed in the daytime or a lazy afternoon, the starting bliss this variety provides may fill your energy tank enough to keep you concentrated during the last hours of the day. At night it’ll get you ready for a relaxing, comfortable night. The hybrid is known to help with sleep deprivation issues and insomnia.

The initial high of White Bubba is suitable for activities that require mild concentration like reading or writing. Once the initial wave of tranquility hit’s the door, listening to music or watching a movie could be the best way to enjoy its effects. The energy boost provided by White Bubba could be beneficial for people with depression. Another essential quality of this strain is its ability to enhance appetite.

Medical Advantages of White Bubba

The effects of White Bubba on sleep go beyond helping people with insomnia. These hybrids properties could be beneficial for people who have experienced traumatic events. THC has an impact on REM sleep cycles, which in turn can reduce nightmares for people with PTSD.

The pain-alleviating qualities of this strain may be able to help people that have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or chronic pains. The quick energizing effect of White Bubba is not an automatic couch or bed sentence. You should keep in mind that its cerebral bliss won’t last forever. It’s the relaxing sensation that tends to last longer and characterize this variety of cannabis.

Regarding mental health, the euphoric energy boost caused by the strain may be a suitable way to deal with depression as it reduces the likelihood of negative thoughts taking hold of a person. Other positive effects that White Bubba could have on people’s health are stress, which is sometimes accompanied by headaches and migraines. Other conditions that this variety may address are fatigue and nausea.

Possible Side Effects

Some people may be prone to experience anxiety and paranoia, as cannabinoids in cannabis tend to bind to CB (cannabinoid) receptors in our bodies responsible for emotional processing. For inexperienced consumers, it’s advised to start with low quantities of White Bubba and to increase the quantitative to improve tolerance gradually.

Negative mood changes happen because THC affects the amygdala, which is in charge of managing emotions, anxiety, and fear. These changes generally occur in positive ways, but it’s not uncommon for inexperienced consumers to respond negatively to it.

Other side effects may manifest in the way of anxiety, paranoia, and nausea, which are common adverse effects for people that are inexperienced with cannabis. Finally, most consumers are prone to dry eyes and mouth, which is manageable by drinking water and using eye drops.

Final Thoughts

White Bubba cannabis’ origins may have a little bit of mystery, but the strain beneficial effects are well known. Their relaxation capabilities are not only good for those that want to enjoy a lazy afternoon, or a chill get-together with friends.

The number of medical conditions that this strain may be able to handle is astonishing. White Bubba cannabis certainly could change the lives of people that are managing more complex symptoms and conditions in their day to day, as it establishes a sense of well-being to address situations where both the mind and body are compromised.

It’s potency, and general effects make for a strain that’s ideal for both young and veteran smokers — not to mention it distinctive exotic looks, fruity scent, and euphoric high, which are all are signs for one memorable smoking experience.

White Bubba OG AAAA


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