Buying weed online in Canada? That’s great because we’ve prepared a special treat for you

Super Kush is an ideal strain if you’re looking to unwind and get rid of any daily stress accumulated during the day.

This bud is a very clear-headed indica-dominant hybrid — best for those who would like to relax without being glued to the couch. This super delicious smoke comes with promising THC levels and a truly amazing set of aromas and flavors.

Although really potent, the Super Kush marijuana strain is an all-around, easy bud for novice weed users, as it induces mild psychoactive effects and is easy on the throat when smoked.

Here is everything you need to know about the Super Kush flower.


Super Kush is a super tasty flower of a very tempting appearance created by crossing the Hindu Kush and Northern Lights #5 strains in the British Columbia Seed Company’s labs.

THC Content

This arousing bud is actually very potent, although its THC levels range between 15% and 22% in content. However, Super Kush is also surprisingly gentle to novice marijuana users, as it provides a mild high, making it an ideal beginner strain. We don’t know the exact CBD content, but given the strain’s nature, it must be above marijuana’s average, too.


Super Kush buds are dense and green in color with some aqua-blue shades. Covered in fluffy orange pistils and nicely coated with a fine layer of crystal clear trichomes, these flowers look incredibly tempting. It’s one of the most tantalizing flowers for those buying weed online in Canada.

Fragrance & Flavors

The Super Kush’ flowers have a floral and earthy fragrance that are a reminder of dried flower petals. This smell is nicely enhanced by some hints of earthiness and pine, giving an alluring palette of aromas.

As for the flavor, the Super Kush tastes much like it smells, especially on the inhale. You can also detect some spicy and piney hints on the exhale.


Highly recommended for novice users, the Super Kush marijuana strain provides quite a mild high that stays mostly in your head. Although it’s an indica-dominant bud, the flower is an unusual treat when it comes to the mix of its indica and sativa characteristics.

The Super Kush strain induces a strong cerebral feeling combined with euphoric mood and improved focus. Contrary to what you may expect due to its mostly indica leaning, this flower will stimulate your creative thinking and uplift your spirit.

Super Kush works perfectly if you want to relax and relieve stress. These effects can be followed by a sudden feeling of sleepiness, especially if you use this bud in higher amounts. Additionally, Super Kush can cause a serious case of the munchies, so it’s best to prepare some delicious snacks ahead.

Medical Uses

On the medical note, the Super Kush strain is a decent pick for a range of conditions.

To start with, this flower soothes the mind and allows its users to fight depression with a great effect, making it an ideal strain for those suffering from mood disorders. Super Kush is also reported to be helpful in treating anxiety and stress, as it comes with a strong relaxing and stress-relieving properties.

With a considerable THC content, the Super Kush bud is also recommended for those suffering from pain, whether chronic or temporary. Due to its slightly sedative effects, this flower can do wonders among those dealing with sleep-related issues.

Potential Side Effects

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the two most common potential side effects, but they’re actually common in the majority of marijuana strains. The same goes for the Super Kush strain, especially if you use it in higher doses.

Although less common, mild anxiety and dizziness have also been reported after smoking heavy amounts of Super Kush. To avoid these adverse reactions, keep in mind to be careful with the dosage, especially if you’re a novice smoker.


The Super Kush marijuana strain is a supreme bud that provides mild effects and keeps you functional during the day. Although mostly indica in its characteristics, this flower can also be enjoyed during the day. However, don’t let its energizing effects fool you – Super Kush can easily put you to sleep, especially if you use too much of it during one smoking session.

Super Kush


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