Effects: Relaxation, improved mood, pleasant tingling sensations, sedative, euphoric

May Relieve: Stress, pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, depression

The Red Haze cannabis Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid derived from the strains Afghan and Northern Lights. As with Indica-dominant cannabis, the effects include heavy sedation, which can be helpful for those who have insomnia. Red Haze can also reduce pain levels and inflammation, making it suitable for consumers looking to relax and unwind in the evenings. Red Haze cannabis plants trade height for density, and flowers large buds with a dense layer of crystallized resin. Follow this review a little further to get a full overview of what you can expect from the Red Haze strain.

What Exactly is the Red Haze Marijuana Strain?

The Red Haze cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that typically has a THC content of over 20%. With it leaning more towards the indica side, it has a heavy sedative or relaxant effect on the body. Red Haze gets its name from one of the parent strains, Columbian Red and Neville’s Haze. 

Columbian Red is a sativa-dominant strain, that produces high yields and when fully grown boasts beautifully red, heavy, resinous buds It has a spicy, earthy smell and triggers a deep, sedating high when consumed. Neville’s Haze is similar to Columbian red, being a sativa-dominant. This strains buds have deep purple hues throughout, with a vivid green leaf. The aroma for this strain gives off the classic Haze flavor many cannabis consumers know and love. Similarly, the flavor profile for this strain is distinctly earthy and skunky, with a hint of floral. The THC content of Northern Lights can range between 16% and 21%. Red Haze inherits many of the characteristics found in its parent strains, being heavily Indica-dominant, resinous and having an earthy, fruity fragrance with a touch of spice.

Red Haze: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Under optimal growing and harvesting conditions, Red Haze buds are of a medium to large size. The buds have a recognizable shape typical of sativa strains, yet, between the dense eaves, there are scatterings of brown and red pistils that make this plant a stunner at the end of flowering. When viewed up close, there is a generous scattering of translucent white trichomes throughout, reaching deep into the innermost parts of the bud.

When consumed, the smoke inhaled has a smooth, earthy flavor. You can tell whether the buds have been appropriately cured here, as there should be an additional underlying woody tone. When exhaled, the smoke can give off a more skunky flavor, with a slightly roasted coffee bean aftertaste. Other characteristics that you may find include a spicy undertone, and even some herball notes.

Red Haze Effects

Red Haze suprisingly has a potent sedative effect on the body that tends to induce a strong feeling of happy relaxation, making it highly likely that you will experience ‘couch-lock’. The high is spacey, which can induce a level of forgetfulness while under the influence.

That said, this strain commonly consumed in the evenings, and may be able to help you unwind before bed. It can make analytical tasks more difficult, along with inducing lethargy, meaning it should be avoided when you want to be more physically productive. If you are looking to be more creative, this strain can help with conversation and the imagination, albeit in lower doses. With a higher dose, there will be an overwhelming urge to sit or lie down, ending up in a deep sleep. 

The Medical Advantages of Red Haze

The sedating effects of Red Haze can help consumers suffering from inflammation and body aches to get a more restful night’s sleep. For consumers with injuries or chronic medical conditions, this can be helpful to improve your overall mood and combat insomnia. You will feel the effects much more prominently in your limbs and torso, rather than the head, which is much less likely to induce paranoia or anxiety in those prone. Thanks to the gentle cerebral stimulation, the Red Haze strain can be helpful to those with high-stress levels, depression, or anxiety.

With certain buds of the plant, consumers experience intense bouts of hunger or the munchies. For those that are struggling to eat, due to nausea or sickness, the antiemetic properties of Red Haze can help consumers get back into a regular eating schedule. For those that prefer edible consumption, these effects will be amplified, thanks to conversion from delta-9-THC to 11-hydroxy-THC by the liver. As this strain is potent when smoked, be sure to consume due diligence when consuming edibles made from Red Haze.

Possible Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects are dry eyes, dry Mouth, and anxiety in some cases. To combat this, be sure to keep fluids on hand to stay hydrated, and consider using eye drops if the dry eyes become uncomfortable. To address anxiety, make sure you consume a dose of Red Haze that you can comfortably handle, as the high THC content of this strain can induce paranoia for inexperienced consumers. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Red Haze strain is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and unwind in the evenings. The potent sedative effects can help insomniacs with sleep, and the hunger induction of this strain could be beneficial for those undergoing cancer treatments. It is a non-cerebral high, with the capacity to minimize pain, make for a happy, creative mindset, and empty your kitchen cabinets.

Red Haze AAAA


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