Effects: Relaxed, mood-boosting, creativity, focused, calm

May Relieve: Insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, loss of appetite

Purple Candy is a well-rounded, British Columbian strain created by BC Bud Depot. You may know these breeders for their popular God Bud and Optimus Prime strains. 

Purple Candy is a highly relaxing, versatile hybrid that provides a great experience for newbies and experienced smokers alike. This strain’s relatively moderate THC count makes it perfect for social events or any occasion where there will be smokers with varying experience levels. 

If you’re searching for a less potent high with happy, sativa-like effects, you’re in the right place. Follow along and learn why so many people are a fan of this multi-talented strain. 

What Exactly is The Purple Candy Marijuana Strain?

Purple Candy is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. With a THC content of about 15-19%, this is a modestly potent strain, allowing smokers to enjoy their high nearly any time of day. 

BC Sweet Tooth, one of Purple Candy’s parent strains, is an indica-dominant hybrid characterized by its sweet taste and euphoric effects. This strain shines due to its intoxicating combination of sweet, honey-like taste and perfect potency.

Celebrated by both newbies and seasoned smokers alike, BC Sweet Tooth provides intensely uplifting waves of euphoria from the very beginning. As you continue to smoke this strain, couchlock may set in as you become lulled into complete relaxation. Mendocino Purps is Purple Candy’s second parent strain, and one of the most legendary buds to come out of Mendocino County, California. This indica-dominant strain has even won awards due to its pleasantly potent high, including High Times Cannabis Cups in both 2007 and 2009. 

Purple Candy Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Purple Candy’s eye-catching appearance is one of its best features. This strain is a beautiful bud, known for its large purple flowers, sprinkled with amber hairs throughout. 

Purple Candy’s buds are usually large and dense, almost resembling small pinecones. This bud’s leaves are also picturesque, sporting a dark green color with patches of purple. True to its name, Purple Candy cannabis is encrusted with trichomes that make them very sticky to the touch. These trichomes also add to the strain’s psychoactive effects.

With a name like Purple Candy, this strain does not disappoint when it comes to taste. Purple Candy has all your favorite cannabis flavors, including honey, grape, and berries. This strain has become famous for its sugary-sweet taste, often resembling grape juice. 

This bud’s scent is what truly puts it over the top, bursting with sweet berry and grape aromas. Grinding these buds only enhances the scent and releases a slight earthy odor with notes of pine.

Purple Candy Effects

Purple Candy cannabis is an evenly balanced hybrid, and this shows in the high it produces. Smokers report feeling happy, creative and focused after only a few hits of this strain. Purple Candy’s happy, sativa effects have also been known to produce slight changes in the senses, including visual and auditory distortions. 

Although this strain may take several minutes before you feel any effects, you’ll soon discover time seeming to move more slowly and a general sense of euphoria coming over you.

Thanks to the focus and relaxation this exceptional herb brings, this strain is perfect for knocking out a long to do list. However, don’t be fooled by Purple Candy’s strong sativa effects in the beginning. This strain’s indica characteristics start to show themselves near the end of the high, creating a pleasant body buzz and a strong sense of warming, relaxation. Expect Purple Candy to give you a slight case of the giggles and keep food nearby, as this strain will also bring on the munchies.

Medical Advantages of Purple Candy 

Mood disorders like stress and depression are easily managed with this euphoric strain. Anyone suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia will also enjoy Purple Candy cannabis, due to its tendency to lull you to sleep after providing an intense mood boost.

Purple Candy cannabis can also relieve symptoms of chronic pain and less severe conditions such as headaches and nausea. Due to its moderate THC content, Purple Candy can be an excellent option for those prone to panic or anyone who has a lower tolerance for marijuana.

Possible Side Effects

Minor headaches and dizziness are both less common negative effects associated with smoking Purple Candy. Non-smokers may experience these effects after smoking this strain, however, given its modest THC content, these would likely be very minimal.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common negative effects of Purple Candy, although both of these effects are easily combated by drinking plenty of water.

Final Thoughts

Purple Candy’s moderately potent, versatile nature is what has made it so popular. Purple Candy provides the best of both worlds without the overwhelming side effects that typically accompany more potent strains.

Smoking this strain will allow you to work on highly creative or analytical projects, and will also rock you to sleep as the high subsides. Perfect for smoking at the end of the day when you want to get a few things done and have an overall boost in mood, Purple Candy bud is an undoubtedly high-quality hybrid, true to its name in flavor and smell.

Purple Candy (Organic) AAAA


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