OG Kush is probably one of the most popular strains on Earth. In fact, you can probably find it in almost every local and online dispensary in Canada. However, despite its surreal fame, the exact genetic lineage of the OG Kush strain still remains unknown. Its name is also a mystery – the “OG” is believed to be a short for “original gangster” or “ocean grown”.

No matter the genetics, the OG marijuana strain is surely potent and popular for its amazing set of effects.

As mentioned before, the exact origins of this insanely famous strain remain a mystery. However, some people believe that it’s a cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg landrace. On the other hand, some claim that OG Kush came from some other existing strain as its phenotype.

THC Content
As mentioned before, the potency of OG Kush is impressive, to say the least. This hard-hitting strain reaches between 20% and 25% on average, causing a heavy, euphoric rush of energy at the onset.

The OG Kush marijuana strain grows medium to large buds of a typical, indica-like appearance. Dense in structure, the buds are yellowish green with some delicate traces of purple shades. These gorgeous nugs are covered with vibrant orange pistils and silvery-white, yet clear trichomes that make the buds sticky to the touch.

Fragrance & Flavors
OG Kush has an earthy fragrance that is accompanied by some citrus scents. Overall, this bud smells like a hoppy craft beer. When broken apart or burnt, the OG Kush strain gives a more of a pine-like smell.

When smoked, the bud gives a cough-inducing and harsh smoke, which can cause your eyes to water. The bud tastes spicy and harsh, like typical indica bud both on the inhale and exhale. The pungent smell of OG Kush may stay in the room long after the joint has been smoked.

When it comes to the effects, the OG Kush marijuana strain induces a head-focused type of high that starts with an intensified scents, colors and sounds. This bud gives a general uplift in mood that turns into a more euphoric vibe later on. However, these effects are not as cerebral as with more pure sativa strains. Instead, this hybrid provides a great combination of mental stimulation, mood improvement and rush of energy, which makes it great for parties and inspiring talks.

The OG Kush marijuana strain can also be a great way to enhance your daily activities and make them more interesting.

Medical Uses
OG Kush comes with several medical applications, including relieving depression, anxiety and helping the patients be more present in the moment. It can also be helpful when it comes to improving the sense of focus, especially among patients suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Many people have reported relief from migraines and serious headaches after using this hybrid as well. The strain can provide deep relaxation, nausea, and muscular relief. Because of its high levels of THC, the strain is perfect for treating insomnia and restlessness.

Potential Side Effects
Contrary to what you would expect from a strain with so much THC, the OG Kush strain comes with surprisingly gentle side effects. One of the most common reactions is dry eyes, usually accompanied by a dry mouth sensation.

Since OG Kush nduces mildly uplifting and energizing high, it’s usually recommended for daytime or early evening use. You can enjoy the high both alone or during social settings, as this bud can do wonders for accomplishing a wide range of tasks.

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