The MK Ultra marijuana strain is an insanely popular indica-dominant hybrid raved for its strong hypnotic high. A couch-loker like no other strain, MK Ultra is actually a potent flower with royal origins.

MK Ultra grows dense and sticky buds, which makes it even more desirable with its tempting bag appeal. Here is everything you need to know about this strain:


Named after the special CIA project called MK ULTRA, this indica-leaning hybrid is not as scary as the name may lead you to expect. It does induce a strong psychoactive high, though, so it might be better suited to experienced users who are looking for potent weed strains for sale.

Created by crossing the insanely popular OG Kush strain with equally famous G-13, the MK Ultra marijuana strain has won many prestigious awards and titles and is known for being one of the most potent indica-dominant hybrids on the market. In fact, the MK Ultra cannabis strain may be the strongest indica-leaning weed available for sale right now.

THC Content

As mentioned before, MK Ultra is a heavy-hitting strain and one of the most powerful indicas you can find. This bud comes with an average THC level of 22% and a CBD level up to 0.2%.


The MK Ultra weed buds are dense and tight, and coated with a heavy layer of resin, which makes the flowers very sticky to the touch. Green in color with some hues of orange and brown, MK Ultra’s buds are incredibly beautiful and tempting.

Fragrance & Flavors

The MK Ultra marijuana strain is strong both in terms of its THC levels and the fragrance. Its flowers carry a little bit earthy but sweet scent with some strong hints of pungency. This unique scent will make your mouth water in no time.

As for the flavor, MK Ultra is tasty when smoked, as it comes with a smooth and intriguing combination of flavors. On the inhale, the hybrid has an earthy and pungent flavor, giving off a sweet and creamy smoke that leaves this flavor on your tongue. MK Ultra will taste more like fresh pines mixed with wood on the exhale.


With such impressive levels of THC, the MK Ultra marijuana strain is the one you should be careful with when it comes to dosing, especially when getting started with different weed variations.

This indica-dominant hybrid is popular for its fast and hard-hitting effects. The bud is perfect if you’re looking for utter relaxation after a long day at work. Moreover, MK Ultra does an exceptional job at melting you into the couch, inducing inner calm and relieving any stress accumulated in your body.

Although the MK Ultra strain can induce some heavy body stone, it will also make you feel on the verge of euphoria. When consumed in higher amounts, this hybrid starts to exhibit its potential as a sedative. Thus, if you’re looking for getting quality rest, MK Ultra will be one of your best bets.

Looking for happiness-inducing weed for sale? Then MK Ultra is a keeper thanks to the aforementioned qualities. The bud also induces some serious munchies, so keep in mind to prepare your favorite snacks before your next smoking session.

Medical Uses

MK Ultra is an exceptionally potent strain. This makes it a decent tool for fighting a wide range of sleeping disorders. It can quickly induce a hazy buzz, putting the user to bed in no time. It can also bring down the state of mellow relaxation, assisting in curbing anxiety and chronic stress.

This hybrid is also a great bud for alleviating chronic pain, migraines, and muscle spasms. MK Ultra is usually recommended for treating insomnia, relieving depression or help those who suffer from lack of appetite.

Potential Side Effects

Like any other strain with high levels of THC, MK Ultra can give you some side effects as well. It can leave you with dry mouth and eyes, so it’s best to keep some water at hand. If you overwhelm yourself with this strain, you may also feel slightly anxious or dizzy, especially if you’re an occasional smoker. However, this distress usually passes quickly.


With such remarkable potency, MK Ultra is not a strain for everyone. It’s usually recommended to gain some experience before trying this heavy-hitting indica-dominant flower. For experienced marijuana users who struggle with pain or are put under too much pressure on a daily basis, MK Ultra can prove a well-tailored remedy.

MK Ultra AAA


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