Effects: Increased appetite, relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep

May Relieve: Nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, pain, stress, muscle spasms

Grease Monkey is a potent strain, high in THC, typically measuring from 16% to a whopping 30%. So, this is definitely not a lightweight cannabis strain – in fact, too many hits could put you on the fast track to slumber. This bud has a strong aroma, a strong flavor, and quite the kick when it comes to delivering a hard to match, mellow high. 

In this review, we will carve out all the details from benefits to side effects and aroma to flavor. Let’s get into it!

What Exactly is the Grease Monkey Marijuana Strain?

Grease Monkey is a heavy Indica leaning hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue (also known as Gg4) and Cookies and Cream. Much like its parents, this pungent hybrid is well known for delivering a powerful, full-body high.

Grease Monkey’s lineage is famous for the ability to deliver a knockout style high – Gg4’s name literally comes from its tendency to glue smokers to the couch for the long haul.  And if that is the style experience you are looking for; Grease Monkey will certainly not disappoint. This bud provides a strong but smooth smoke, bred to help cannabis lovers relax.

Grease Monkey Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

The Grease Monkey plant delivers a compact, heavy, bold, beautiful pale green bud that is downright pungent.  This is one strain that would create a serious challenge for those trying to grow without drawing attention to themselves. So, if you plan to grow Grease Monkey cannabis, indoors might be better, but you still might want to work on some appropriate ventilation, or your space will become consumed with the aroma.

Grease Monkey has a very unique flavor, it is a little bit sweet, a little earthy and has hints of the fuel aftertaste that is so common among diesel strains.  While not unpleasant, it could be a flavor that takes a little bit of getting used to – this is especially true for first-timers.

Grease Monkey Effects

I’ve got three words for you when it comes to the effects of Grease Monkey: deadweight high. This strain is off the charts for chill vibes as its sedative properties have the uncanny power to put you under. If you are feeling high strung, can’t relax and can’t seem to slow down your mind or body for a minute – this strain is 100% for you. Toke a little too much Grease Monkey generally equals an early bedtime, so keep an eye on your dosage if you want to stay up until the end of the party.

Now that we’ve established that you don’t want to smoke too much of this cannabis unless you are ready to hit the hay – we can talk about what happens when you smoke just the right amount. This bud is a top-notch mood enhancer and opens the mind to really delve deep into your favorite type of creative outlets.

Grease Monkey herb is also outstanding for relieving stress and pressure – in the head as well as the joints and muscles. This strain is well known and highly regarded for melting away headaches, migraines, eye pressure, muscle, and joint pains and more – it really delivers a full-body, feel-good type of high.

Medical Advantages of Grease Monkey

In the very last section, we discussed Grease Monkey’s ability to help ease all types of pain, and that is probably the biggest medical advantage of this particular strain of marijuana. Consumers who experience body aches and pains (including from injuries), headaches, and cramps can get some much-needed relief from smoking up a bowl of Grease Monkey.


The sedative properties in this cannabis also prove to be a big winner for folks who suffer from insomnia or chronic fatigue. Grease Monkey consumers have reported experiencing the ability to enjoy more restful sleep after smoking this potent Indica strain.

People who deal with excess stress and depression may also get some much-needed relief from Grease Monkey bud. This marijuana strain is a powerful mood booster and definitely has the ability to help those who smoke to sink into a deep, restoring mood of relaxation.

Another possible medical benefit could be for people who are forced to cope with muscle spasms. Muscle spasms can range from mildly annoying to downright incapacitating. Smoking Grease Monkey relaxes and eases the muscles throughout the body and may help minimize or even eliminate muscle spasms in users who partake regularly.

Grease Monkey smokers also report a revved up an appetite after smoking. This bud is a great go-to for people who have a loss of appetite and those who deal with regular nausea after eating.

Possible Side Effects

The only highly reported side effect from this smoke is dry mouth, which is insignificant enough to not be horribly negative in all honesty. Dry mouth is common among such a wide variety of buds that regular smokers just get accustomed to dealing with it and already have a favorite method of coping.

A small cross-section of users have reported feeling dizzy or anxious after smoking Grease Monkey, but the instances of these effects seem rare.

Grease Monkey seems to be one of the few, strong buds out there that doesn’t come with very much in the way of negative side effects. This makes this strain an excellent option for long-time smokers and beginners because it allows you to get a deep, extended, all-encompassing high without having to worry about anxiety or paranoia that seems to come along with other high THC content buds.

Final Thoughts

Provided that you can control yourself with the amount you smoke, there really doesn’t seem to be any downside to Grease Monkey. It has an alluring aroma, smooth smoke and delivers one hell of a high with almost no chance of unwanted side effects.

This bud is beneficial for a wide variety of ailments, many of which seems to help cannabis consumers cope with effectively. Unless you are someone who is only interested in smoking a cannabis strain that fills you with energy, Grease Monkey bud should definitely be on your list to sample – and when you do, don’t be surprised if it takes over as one of your top choices to pack up and smoke.

Grease Monkey AA


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