Effects: Creativity, inspiration, progress, motivation, imagination

May Relieve: Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, nausea, persistent pain

Golden Lemon delivers a sweet, woody flavor with a dank citrus undertone that lingers. The high of this bud will have smokers feeling lifted and relaxed in no time. It will lift your mind to a state of bliss pushing away any negative or racing thoughts. Golden Lemon leaves smokers with a significant body high and an elevation in their overall mood. This review will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Golden Lemon strain. 

What Exactly is the Ice Golden Lemon Marijuana Strain?  

Golden Lemon is a hybrid strain with a THC potency of 20-25%. The indica dominant strain is 60% indica and 40% sativa cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk strains resulting in a strain that’s big on flavor, and even bigger on effect Golden not only provides an amazing high for the recreational smokers, but it is consumed by many medical patients to treat stress, depression, and pain. Lemon Skunk gives this bud its citrus, earthy, and sweet flavor profile, while Kosher Kush delivers a high that makes this bud great for enjoying after a hard day of work to relax, making all your troubles drift away. 

Golden Lemon: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

The buds have a stunning appearance due to the considerable amount of golden trichomes over the buds. The buds are green and amber in color, but also exhibit yellowish, gold hues. Thick pistils cover the dense, tightly stacked nugs and give off an overall aroma hard to resist grinding and sparking up. Smokers will notice a creeping skunk flavor on the exhale along with a bit of wood and a touch of sweetness. When the buds are broken, the smell is pungent, but with a sweet scent instead of the classic skunky smell. People will think you’re busy cutting fresh lemons when in fact you’re having a nice smoke session. 

Golden Lemon Effects 

Golden Lemon will give a sense of comfort and relaxation. Things that place constant stress on you will be present no more. Instead, the feeling of comfort will put you in overall happier mind space. People feeling down in the dumps can find happiness with the Golden Lemon marijuana strain. Their thoughts will turn to pure joy and smokers will even have a case of the giggles. Since this is an indica dominant strain, it is no surprise that this will leave you feeling tired and sleepy. The amount of THC in this strain won’t knock you out but you should expect to be laying down with your eyes shut.

Medical Advantages of Golden Lemon 

People searching for a heavy-hitting marijuana strain to assist in easing body pain are going to fall in love with the Golden Lemon strain. It can benefit those who are looking for therapeutic aid in mental illness as well. Those who deal with insomnia or other sleep disorders will find a ticket to dreamland with a bit of the Golden Lemon strain. The Indica properties will help consumers fall asleep and stay asleep for hours. It is also non-habit forming, so you won’t need to rely on cannabis to sleep at night.

Since this strain tends to put smoker’s minds in a positive and happy state, it may be able to help anyone who smokes it look forward to the future with more clarity. An issue many females face is menstrual cramps. These cramps can range from dull and annoying to extreme and severe. The Golden Lemon strain can bring relief to cramps allowing women or anyone who experiences them to function without hindrance throughout the day.

Possible Side Effects 

Since the Golden Lemon strain is an indica dominant strain, consumers can expect a mild buzz followed by a substantial body high that leaves consumers glued into the couch. Possible side effects include dry eyes and dry mouth. To combat this, make sure you have plenty of eye drops and plenty of water on hand. Ideal to use at night and not recommended for morning use. The THC content goes all the way up to 23% which will heighten your senses, but it won’t give consumers any significant negative side effects. 

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety then this is the ideal strain for you. The levels of 

THC can positively affect you both mentally and physically, but the indica properties will tone it down, so you will not over hallucinate. In addition, Golden Lemon cannabis possesses helpful properties that can help you to fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Golden Lemon AAAA


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