The Flyte/Keyy Pen Refill Cartridge – Our state of the art distillate vaporizer.

ATTENTION* Please prime cartridge before using to avoid a burnt or off flavour. Simply take 5 long, 5 second pulls without pressing the power button. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Some cartridges fit looser than others.

The cartridge contains 0.8ml Flyte oil

Available in 11 Flavours:
-Grapefruit Haze
-Green Crack God
-Sour Diesel
-Charlotte’s Web
-Mint CBD

72% THC

Hybrid: Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, Tangerine (refreshing, balanced, focus, uplifting)
Indica effect: Blueberry (body high, mental relaxation)
Sativa effect: Grapefruit Haze, GCG, Sour Diesel (stimulating, cerebral)

3 CBD formulations:

Charlotte’s Web (CBD:THC 8:1) is happy and relaxing – woody, earthy, citrusy.
Harlequin (CBD:THC 1:1) is an ultra-relaxing hybrid – earthy, sweet, grape-y.
Mint (CBD:THC 1:0 – NO THC) is just CBD only with a refreshing minty, herby flavour.
Ingredients: pure THC, terpenes, and a proprietary blend

Flyte/Keyy Pen Refill Cartridge

C$45.00 Regular Price
C$40.00Sale Price

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