Effects: Relaxing, euphoria, uplifted, positive, hungry

May Relieve: Muscle pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite

As the name suggests, the Comatose strain is one of the stronger indica strains on the cannabis market with a high that will leave you feeling extremely lifted. That said, if you are looking for potent bud, then continue reading this review to learn everything you need to know about the Comatose strain — from its physical traits to all the medical benefits that it has to offer the cannabis lover.

What Exactly is the Comatose Cannabis Strain?

The Comatose strain is a 90% indica dominant cannabis hybrid and quite a popular choice amongst smokers who like relaxing and hard-hitting highs. Also known as Coma Kush, the lineage of this bud remains a mystery, yet it has generally been concluded that the genetics are impressive enough to have produced a strain as powerful as this one. In terms of its psychoactivity, compared to the average 13% of THC in other cannabis strains, this potent strain possesses nearly up to 19% of THC content. On top of that, it also has a strong dose of CBD that said to measure somewhere around 3.9%. 

Comatose: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

While it may not seem like much when you take a first look at it, it would be unwise to make a judgment about Comatose simply based on its appearance. This bud looks typical to usual indica strains and boasts with vibrantly colored packed green nuggets, along with copper hairs coiling around them. Buds showcase their richness in THC due to its abundant trichome production, which glistens when held up in the light. On the tongue, it is known to have an overall pleasant taste and is quite enjoyed by whoever who consumes it. Upon taking the first hit of Comatose, your palate will be able to identify a sour and spicy taste. 

The aromatic profile on the Comatose strain consists of some berry and piney scents that come on quite strong. Any smoker that looking to smoke this herb indoors may need to think about ventilation, as the pungency may be hard to keep discreet.

Comatose Effects

Since the strain has very high concentrates of indica and CBD properties, you will experience the ultimate sensation of relaxation when you blaze it up. Similar to what happens after consuming most indica strains, you will first find your mind and body in very a calm state. The THC contained in this of the strain is will induce a great cerebral effect that tends to lift the spirits to the point where you will find yourself without stress and worry-free. Smokers are left with only peaceful thoughts in the mind as they enter a state of euphoria. 

Comatose is not particularly consumed in social gatherings because of the couch lock it usually ends up causing from overconsumption. With that being said, it may be good for smokers enjoy this strain on their own when they want to take the edge off after a long day.

As for the rest of its cannabinoid profile, the high amount of CBD content in the Comatose strain makes it the perfect night time bud as it can get rather sedative towards the end when the high starts to wear off, leaving you with somewhat of a heady buzz.

Medical Advantages of Comatose

The Comatose strain is commonly consumed for the many medical benefits it has to offer. Its relaxing properties will enable the relief of muscle pain, as well as stiff joints. People who are dealing with such diseases such as arthritis will find Comatose to be helpful in addressing their problems. The same could be said for those who experience work-related body pains such as sore spines, stiff necks, and tense muscles, which once consumed, Comatose may be able to prevent these ailments from getting worse. 

Since the calming qualities of the high also tend to impact the mind, people who have mood disorders such as chronic anxiety and stress will find the Comatose strain to be an effective remedy. However, people are advised to take it slow in the beginning because of its potency and increase until they are comfortable with the effects induced by its psychoactivity.

The sedative properties of the strain can induce a coma-like sleep just like the name suggests, which is great for people who are suffering from insomnia. 

Possible Side Effects

The side effects that come after smoking some Comatose include dry eyes and drier mouth so make sure to keep yourself hydrated. There is also a strong possibility of a couch lock after consuming this strain, making you feel like you are too high to do anything. Knowing this, smokers may find themselves feeling groggy the next morning, so it may not be the best thing to smoke it on a weekend when you don’t have a lot of work pending the next day. 

It is also likely that the high from this bud could bring about paranoia because of its above-average THC content, which is why you should test the waters by taking only a couple of puffs the first time before going too far.

Final Thoughts

While it is a popular strain consumed for recreational purposes, it is also significantly used for medicinal consumption too. As mentioned, people experiencing chronic bodily pain and insomnia can find Comatose to be helpful. If you are on the lookout for a powerful yet relaxing high, then you should definitely give Comatose a try, but proceed with caution because a little goes a long way. 

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