Effects: Happiness, relaxation, hunger, euphoria, Paranoia, dry mouth, dizziness

May Relieve: Stress, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain

Purple Bubba is a potent hybrid of two indica strains — Purple Bubba and Purple Kush. This strong bud delivers a quick and powerfully relaxing high that helps dissipate stress and anxiety and is known to put consumers into a long-lasting state of happiness and bliss.

This review will give you all you need to know about how adding Purple Bubba cannabis to your stash can produce extended euphoric benefits and relief from many chronic ailments and conditions. Let’s dig into this unique strain and get familiar!

What Exactly is the Purple Bubba Marijuana Strain?

Purple Bubba is the offspring of Purple Kush and Bubba Kush and it delivers many of the same potent and powerful benefits as those in its family tree. The parent buds are two sweet, fruity Indica strains that are ultra-popular among smokers who like to max (eat) and relax.

Purple Bubba contains around 25% THC on average, which makes it an easy choice for those in need of sleep, stress relief, and relaxation. Though, it’s important to note that this is not a “lightweight” strain – so consumers best bd prepared to get high and stay there for a lengthy and highly enjoyable experience.

The original breeders of this unique strain remain unknown (which is unfortunate, because there are many out there who would likely love to thank them for creating this powerful bud) so growing information is spotty at best. Based on its lineage, it is probably safe to assume that cultivating Purple Bubba falls into the moderate range of difficulty, with plants flowering in the two-month range – but actual data regarding the growing phase might put you in a bit of a pickle if you plan to grow. However, do not let this fact discourage you from seeking it out. The good news is that there are plenty of forums full of both growers and smokers of all experience levels that provide growing information on many different kinds of cannabis strains, which may be able to offer some guidance.

Purple Bubba Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

With light to forest greens intermingling with pale to deep purples on hearty buds, Purple Bubba is one of the most beautiful plants you will come across. This is the type of cannabis that can build up excitement and anticipation before you even get to open the bag or container to experience its intense aroma.

As for taste, Purple Bubba gives off a sweet, fruity and earthy pungent aroma and has a very strong flavor similar to its smell– neither of which are unpleasant, but both seem to serve as a sort of warning about the ride you are about to embark on.

Purple Bubba Effects

The relaxation from this bud comes on intensely after just the first few hits. The high can be best described as a full-bodied one that can put even the experienced smoker down for the count – to the point where this may not be the best selection for first-time smokers.

The deep state of relaxation we mentioned that comes from this Purple Bubba doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be used as a social smoke though, as every smoker is different. You can certainly have deep, happy, and humorous conversations with close friends, enjoy movies more intuitively or experience your favorite tunes like never before – just don’t plan on taking the party on the road as this bud is well known for gluing consumers to the couch. 

For most smokers though, very shortly after their first inhale it’ll seem as though pressure, discomfort, and pain begin to quickly melt away – replaced mostly by heavy limbs and happiness. The high delivered by Purple Bubba is most definitely a feel-good high.

Medical Advantages of Purple Bubba

One of the most obvious advantages for consumers of Purple Bubba would help with sleep. People who suffer from insomnia or chronic fatigue can benefit greatly from this ultra-relaxing bud. Just a few hits is often more than enough to put consumers into a state where deep sleep could be right around the corner. In reality, though, help with sleep is just the beginning – Purple Bubba can also help consumers who suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety to unwind and recover after challenging days or events.

We should also mention that patients who suffer from cramps, tension headaches, and chronic pain can also benefit from Purple Bubba. The sedative properties contained in this potent strain can help relax muscles and melt stress and pain away from both the head and the body.

Consumers also note that this cannabis is a great appetite stimulant and can even help with nausea — even the kind that stems from those terrible hangovers. More on the stomach, those who suffer from digestion issues might also gain some long-term help by adding Purple Bubba to their medicinal arsenal.

Possible Side Effects

The high with Purple Bubba is quick to come on and is very intense and can sometimes produce feelings of paranoia in the user. Getting paranoid while smoking isn’t all that uncommon from over-indulging in THC. However, combined with the potency and duration of the high, this potential negative can produce a bit of a rough road to ride, especially for beginners. This is why many recommend that Purple Bubba be reserved for those who are a little more seasoned when it comes to cannabis.

Another commonly noted side effect of Purple Bubba cannabis is dizziness, which unfortunately is another less than favorable potential effect. Thankfully, after just a few hits you should be locked into a state of tranquility for the duration of your high — certainly coping with dizziness is quite a bit easier when you aren’t up and moving. When you opt to pack a bowl with Purple Bubba herb, just make sure that nothing heavy is on the horizon, meaning heavy lifting and no operating heavy machinery.

Other potential side effects include the old standbys familiar to all smokers – dry mouth and dry eyes. Just be sure you have a bottle of water and perhaps some eye drops close by before your session begins, and you’ll be able to ease these with little issue.

Final Thoughts

For those who love a deep, beyond relaxed, long-lasting, almost comatose high, Purple Bubba should be at the top of your list to try. This strain smells great, looks better, and will undoubtedly knock you on your rear after a few big hits — proceed with caution newbies.

While it does deliver an outstanding high, this potent Indica hybrid may not be ideal for the inexperienced, as it is very intense and can come with a few potential side effects that could make for a less than perfect scenario. If you’ve been around the block a few times though and you’ve had good experiences with other Kush family buds, the Purple Bubba cannabis strain is more than worth the ride.

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