Why does marijuana make some people Angry?

Have you ever noticed an aggressive and loud personality in your nature soon after taking cannabis? Do you believe that cannabis made you get angry so quickly? It has been commonly observed that the ongoing effects of cannabis can make few people quite chilled and relaxed. But on the same side, there have been few cannabis users who probably find an aggressive trait in their personality as soon as they start using cannabis.

So can you believe in this fact that cannabis made you mad?

According to recent reports, it has been stated that cannabis is one of the leading causes of facing signs of rage, anger, or mania. One of the users of Cannabis, who is 25 years old, shared his experience of facing high anger issues as he gets addicted to cannabis. Sometimes, the majority of cannabis users become so much addicted to their daily consumption that they start finding it as a significant treatment of their anxiety and depression.

Based on so many reports conducted, it would not be wrong to say that there has been a close link between angry rages and cannabis abuse. One of the lead researchers at Warwick University has stated that cannabis can cause some significant symptoms of mania.

Is Cannabis The Most Prevalent Drug Used by Adults?

In a recent survey, it has been unveiled that cannabis is one of the most prevalent drugs which is used by the adults under-18s. In this critical period of development, some primary services are required, which will enable the adolescent population to know about the responsive problems of cannabis for their personality.  

In the old times, it was not completely visible that cannabis use some predates manic episodes. But the new researches have some pieces of evidence which highlight a significant link between manic episodes and cannabis consumption. Cannabis use is also having a secure connection to the potential onset of bipolar disorder. But still, some more specific and detailed research is required to identify the pathways from cannabis use to the mania.

If any person has bipolar disorder and still they are consuming cannabis, for them facing worst mania symptoms is so much common. There are mixed reviews to highlight the fact that cannabis is responsible for individual mad behavior. Cannabis would not be creating any new mania in an individual personality. But instead, they will exacerbate some previously existing issue.

How can Cannabis Affect Brain Functioning? 

But based on the recent report conducted, it has been claimed explicitly that using cannabis will bring sure signs of depression. This is probably because the level of long term success will reduce the number of endocannabinoids inside the brain, which will affect motor control, as well as cognition, and individual behavior.

What is the Endocannabinoid (EC) system?

The endocannabinoid (EC) system is working as a communication framework inside the human body and brain, which can affect someone else feelings or reactions. This system is active in every single body even though if they are not using cannabis.

Endocannabinoids are a form of molecules that are created through your body. It binds to some receptors inside the EC system and brings some signals which your body needs to perform. These signals can be either relieving your pain or letting your body know about inflammation.

An Overview AboutEndocannabinoid levels

Endocannabinoids are quite similar in function like the chemicals which are present inside the cannabis. It often works as an active component known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This usually means that all such external cannabinoids can be used to restore the lost or unwanted endocannabinoid levels inside the brain of all those people who have been suffering through the conditions of long-term stress or even depression.

For the information of the readers, we would like to define Marijuana a little bit! Marijuana is a form of medicinal drug. Regularly, it is used for health purposes, which can probably bring some useful results.

But as at one side, it has some health benefits, and then on the contrary hand, it can bring some psychosocial problems. The link between Marijuana and brain functioning cannot be denied at all. Having a constant use of Marijuana or cannabis daily can cause you to face the traits of violent behavior in your personality, which can directly affect brain functioning. But only those cannabis users will face such brain functioning issues, who have been consuming this weed for the last so many years.

Who Can Face Violent Behavior Trait Through Cannabis?

There have been high chances of facing violent behavior in your personality only if you have been consuming cannabis for the last so many years. As the use of cannabis is considered to be a form of addiction; therefore, its possible treatment has also been introduced. This treatment can bring successful results only if the patient has been involved in the whole treatment scenario over time.

It has also been observed that violent behavior might be reduced during follow-up periods. All these results are a lot of importance because they are offering additional data or information to all young adults. This will enable them to evaluate all the risks of cannabis before they plan to use it.


To sum up the whole discussion, we would say that yes, the persistent use of cannabis can bring the side effects of violent behavior and can make you mad. Marijuana is a form of weed and gives your body with similar results which you might get from smoking or drinking alcohol. It has a strong scent, which can directly affect your brain functioning and mood.

But still, there are more researches and evidence that need to be collected actually to know the relationship between aggression and cannabis use. Based on previous customer's stories and experiences with cannabis use, there are mixed reviews to highlight the fact that cannabis is responsible for individual mad behavior.

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