What is the Cannabis Different grade? What is the difference between A and AAAAA?

Some people have been aware of the term cannabis all through the Sativa classification, Indica, or the Hybrid, along with the cannabinoids THC or CBD. There have been so many ways that help you to identify the difference between types of weeds. They are classified into different grading types as well.

As you will be grading cannabis, they will be falling under some specific grading scale, which ranges from A to AAAAA. In this classification, AAAAA-grade weed is known out to be the highest quality in this whole scenario. All the cannabis grades are different from one another in terms of aroma, flavors, and the type of benefits they are providing. 

In Canada, things have been fully arranged and planned as we talk about cannabis grading systems. One of the most respected and widely used grading systems in the category of cannabis has been A-AAAAA. Among different levels of cannabis grading systems, the actual difference is witnessed in the quality terminology. The actual difference between these grades will be coming across in view with variants, smell, taste, and presentation. One of the most top qualities of the weed has been classified as AAA.

Now you might be thinking about what is the difference between A-grade and AAAAA grade system. Right here, we have a complete guide about what is A and AAA weeding grades and how they are different from one another. 

A Grade

Single-A grade cannabis is most probably used to make better things in which we have edibles or extracts other than smoking. Some of the cannabis distributors are not in favor of selling the weed that falls under the Grade A category. They are favoring to sell it like the bag of shake being the wholesale option. 

If you are looking forward to using Grade A, then it is suggested to get less in terms of quantity so you can achieve better quality from AA grade or even higher. Prices will be a lot higher if you have been looking forward to getting the cannabis to brew up the batches of brownies or creating some extract. Our recommendation is to look for the AA grade options if in case you have been considering to use A grade cannabis, Haute.


Quad A cannabis is considered to be the best weed grades. This is one such cannabis that you are looking forward to in your life. Every single bud is fully handcrafted and makes upon quad A category only in case if it is perfect. They are thick and fresh buds, which will leave a complete overwhelming amount of trichomes. AAAAA-grade weed is known out to be the highest quality in this whole scenario. As you start to search for AAAAA grade strain, there are quite a few important factors which you should keep in mind. Some of them are as mentioned below:

Smell: Appealing and quite pungent

Aroma: Lacking unintended notes such as musty or moldy

Structure: High amount of trichomes

Buds: Dense and much presentable

Color: Vibrant colors of orange and purple 

AAAAA cannabis strains are known as the main cream of the crop. There are different types of strains that are falling under the category of AAA strains. But there are 5 basic strains which we are highly recommending if you are in search of reliable weed in Canada:

Sour Budda (Indica):

This is a 100 pure Indica strain known as Sour Budda. It is working as a cross that is resting in between Sour Diesel as well as Budda Kush. This strain is included with some delicious flavors, all along with strong euphoric feeling. You can use it for sleepless nights, where it is providing your body with a full-bodied sedative effect.

Blue Widow (Hybrid):

This strain has been crossed in between the great B.C. bud White Widow as well as Blueberry from Hawaii. Blue Widow will be leaving the muscles all relaxed and will allow the users to relieve their bodies quickly. It is also useful for specific pain-related symptoms, including cramps or sprains.

Holy Grain (Hybrid):

Holy Grail is beneficial for the treatment of certain health conditions, including nerve pain, cramps, anxiety, or nausea. It can also treat chronic body pain and give you a relaxed sound sleep for your body. 

Scout Master (Sativa):

Scout Master is even known by the name of “Master Scout.” It is working as a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that has been created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies as well as Master Kush. The high level will be starting by lifting the effect that fills up your cerebral state with ease and pure happiness. It will push back all the negative thoughts. You will feel lighter and fully relaxed, once your mind gets into the state of creativity and focus. It will leave your body completely calm and composed. These high-end strains are typically found at Haute.

Final Verdict 

There has been an emerging difference between A grades and AAA grades of the cannabis category. The actual difference between these grades will be coming across in view with variants, smell, taste, and presentation. If you are fully experienced and have a versatile knowledge about cannabis, then you can gradually notice the emerging difference between the two grades very quickly. 

The difference in A grade and AAAAA grades is not much visible until and unless you are not going lower. If you are not fully experienced, you will feel the difference in these two grades in both high end and lower end conditions. 

The kind of cannabis grade you will select will be depending upon your tolerance and preference point. Every single user has its preferences, and sometimes lower grades are perfect in your favor. This whole grading system can be a lot subjective in nature and is best for all those people who want to know which cannabis will be best for them. You can now choose your cannabis with is grade on the best online dispensary !


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