The Secret To Correctly Stock And Keep your Cannabis Fresh

Over the years, cannabis packaging has become more sophisticated, with features designed to maintain its freshness and quality. Most people who use weed are not aware of how to store it properly and often throw all of it in a bag and toss it over a desk. This is great… if you are OK with degrading your beautiful buds into schwag. Research and years of ongoing learning reveal that everything from the quality of the air to the amount of light can affect your cannabis quality. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make your weed last.

BIG NO To Plastic Storage Options Before we talk about how to store weed right, the Best Online Dispensary in Canada named Canaweedonline says this loud: PLASTIC SUCKS AS A STORAGE OPTION. A Plastic’s static charge can destruct some succulent trichomes (the beautiful tiny hairs) and render the herb less potent. This counts plastic bags and plastic jars of all sorts. Plastic bags affect the taste of the herb and do not hold the odour for long.

Store in Glass Containers Glass is the best container for storing your cannabis. Glass isn’t static like plastic and it also doesn’t affect the taste like metal containers tend to do. These containers also prevent oxidation as they are mostly airtight. But glass containers aren’t perfect; they allow for light to enter that speeds up the THC’s degradation to CBN. Preserving the THC is important since it is the element that keeps you high while CBN is the element that makes you feel sleepy. But you can combat this by storing these jars in a dark place or by wrapping it in a towel.

Parchment Paper is your friend It is advisable to use parchment papers on all kinds of storage jars. This will provide an in-built surface for breaking apart nugs and rolling joints.

Aluminium Wrap is good for short term You’ve hit the jackpot. Aluminium wraps prevent the herb from light, heat and air. If you are planning to open it only once, then aluminium foil is an amazing option. The herb can stay safe for weeks if left outside the refrigerator.

The Right amount of moisture Moisture is the key to maintain the quality of the cannabis. Anywhere between 50-65% humidity is advised but is difficult to achieve without a proper humidor. But if you do not have access to a humidor, feel free to throw an orange peel, carrot pieces or a wet cotton piece in the container. But make sure excess moisture can cause bacteria to spread quickly.

Avoid Refrigeration Ideally, store in cool, dark places and avoid a freezer at all costs. The temperature and humidity fluctuations are too high for cannabis to survive. Freezing also makes the THC-rich trichomes bud brittle and if broken, you will be left with weak cannabis.

The size of the jar is important Make sure that you use the right size of jar. A large jar with little weed in it will allow for more oxygen that can result in the oxidation of the weed. Switch to smaller jars when your stash diminishes.

Store each strain separately When you want to store more than one strains, store them in separate containers. Each strain of weed is different has unique characteristics and the best way to retain these characteristics is storing them in separate containers.

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