The Best Way to make your Cannabis Butter

Updated: Mar 5

Cannabis is also called by the name of weed and marijuana. It is basically defined as a form of mind-altering drug which has been originated from Cannabis sativa or even from the Cannabis indica plant. For the last so many centuries, these plants are most prominently used for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

As at one side, so many people have been choosing to smoke or even vape cannabis; this has made edible to grow in massive popularity. These edibles are included with cannabutter. This cannabutter is a form of which you can purchase from any local store or it can even be prepared at home. In some of the states or countries, the use of cannabis is considered to be illegal. So make sure before you buy it, you need to know the local rules and laws of that specific country or state.

Introduction About cannabutter

As it is evident from the name that cannabutter is a complete combination of butter and cannabis. It is most often used to make cannabis edibles. It can also be used to bake some foods in which we have brownies and cookies. Before you choose to buy or make the cannabutter, you should be sure of the fact that what sort of effects you want to experience through it.

What are the primary uses of Cannabutter?

There have been so many health benefits that you can get from Cannabutter. This is probably the main reason that today it is used for the natural treatment methods of different ailments and diseases. For the last so many centuries, these plants are most prominently used for recreational or medicinal purposes. Cannabutter is a complete smoke-free option and has been employed to be used in different sorts of edible cannabis products, which make it come about to be a popular choice.

Helps to treat cancer-related symptoms

Some of the cancer treatments might lead to the emergence of undesirable symptoms in which we have pain, vomiting, and nausea. For the last so many centuries, Cannabis has been employed as a natural treatment for vomiting and nausea. They are also helpful in regulating specific bodily processes in which we have mood, memory as well as appetite. Cannabutter is also incorporated in so many foods that make it come about as extremely smoke-free and best for the people suffering from cancer. It can also be used for the treatment of different health concerned issues and diseases.

Relaxed Sleep

Cannabis is also cited as the best treatment for active sleep. It has been medically researched that any THC, no matter whether it is alone or combined with any CBD, will be helpful to improve the sleep. Different researches have been conducted to highlight the emerging difference between sleep and cannabis. 

How can you make Cannabutter?

You can easily purchase cannabutter from the market local dispensary stores. But you can also prepare it at home as well. The majority of people choose to make it on their own. Let’s check out the steps which are required to follow for making cannabutter:

Step 1: Decarboxylation

Before you make the cannabutter, it is important to bake the cannabis first. When it is in the raw form, then it is included with the tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) as well as cannabidiol acid (CBDA). Both of them are the inactive versions of the CBD, as well as THC. As you will be heating these two compounds, they will undergo decarboxylation. It is also known as decarbing. 

If you want to activate the CBD and THC, then you have to preheat the oven at the temperature of 240°F (115°C). After it, you have to place around 1/2-ounce (14 grams) of the cannabis on top of the baking sheet. It would help if you let it cool down for a maximum of 40 minutes. 

If you are using some fresh cannabis, then you need to cook it for at least one hour. Older cannabis will take a short cooking time, which can be for a maximum of 15 minutes. Don’t forget to stir it and rotate your cannabis every 10 minutes so it won’t burn. You will get to know that now it has been wholly decarboxylated as soon as the color changes from the bright green to some dark brown-green.

Step 2: Stovetop cooking

As cannabis has been completely activated, you will require the below-mentioned ingredients: 

1/2 ounce (14 grams) of decarboxylated cannabis

2 cups (500 ml) of some water

2 sticks of butter which has to be 8 ounces or even 225 grams

1 medium-sized saucepan with the lid

1 wooden spoon

2 cheese cloths

1 medium based glass bowl or container

At a low heating temperature, you have to bring the water at the boiling heat and then add some butter in it. Once you feel that the butter has been completely melted, you have to stir it all over again and then add some cannabis in your mixture. Don’t forget to put the lid on its top and let it get simmer for maximum 4 hours. 

Keep stirring the whole mixture for at least 30 minutes so you can prevent the burning. The mixture is usually done when it is thick and glossy from the top. As it is done, you need to place the two different layers of the cheesecloth over some glass bowl or the container. You have to pour the whole mixture into the cheesecloth and let the liquid be drained completely.

Scrape the butter from your bowl and then locate it in some separate container. You have to store it in a refrigerator for short-term usage. 

You can even keep it in some air-tight container for around 6 months. 

When you are making the cannabis products at your home, you should be using half cannabutter along with half regular butter in maximum recipes. But to prevent the overconsumption, you should be testing some smaller doses of your cannabutter. 

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