Indica, Sativa, hybrid cannabis. What's the difference?

Updated: Mar 5

The cannabis world is a lot more complex and then an average person can think of it. It has made advancements because of the science and increasing users of marijuana. The deeper you dive in this pool the more will you explore? The old flower of cannabis has now classified into three new buds you can order online at Online Canada Dispensary . 

This classification is:




You must be thinking about all of these three and curious to know what exactly the differences between these three are although they originate from the same plant. The major reason behind this guide is to take a look at the differences between these three kinds of cannabis. After reading this guide you will be able to have good judgment of cannabis and be able to make the right buying decision. 

Origination of Indica and Sativa

Marijuana has been cultivated for centuries for various purposes, such as extraction of seeds, oils, fibers, psychoactive uses, and medical treatments. As with the migrations of people from different parts of the world, the cannabis plant adapted to new climatic regions and due to natural selection, the evolution begun which resulted in two distinctive types of flowers on the same stem. 

In earlier stages of marijuana cultivation, people focused on growing plants to get their seeds, extract oils, and fibers for the production of fabric in textile mills. However, evidence shows that marijuana has been also used in medical treatments due to its health benefits. The most common health benefits of marijuana include pain relief, stress relieves, sleeplessness, calm state, and spiritual experiences. 

Since the categorization of marijuana has already been done, Lets now have a closer view on its classified categories to identify their similarities and differences and to know what are their properties and for which purposes you can use them? 

Indica Cannabis

The plant was originally found in the harsh cold climate of the Himalayan Mountains. It was primarily thought that Indica has evolved into equipment that helps survive in the unstable, cold and harsh environment. It is possible because the leaves, flowers, and stems are covered with a thick layer of THC trichomes to give strength to the plant. 

As per the physical appearance of Indica, it is said to be the shorter version of the original marijuana plant having broader leaves, a thick stem, and dense buds. Moreover, they are slower in their growth as compared to Sativa. 

Effects of Indica cannabis

Indica is primarily known for its highly sleeping inducing properties. Having high percentages of CBD, Indica stimulates stoned feeling, making you sleep better and relaxed. Indica is also known for its pain relief properties having effects covering the full body. Indica is way more sedative and sleep-inducing as compared to Sativa. 

The best results of Indica are obtained by smoking in the evening. 

Sativa Cannabis

Unlike Indica which is shorter than the original marijuana plant, Sativa cannabis is indicated by its tall length having a thin stem and narrow leaves. Moreover, Sativa cannabis can be identified by its rapid growth. The modern Sativa cannabis plant is most commonly known as the opposite of the Indica plant when talking about physical appearance. 

Being the opposite of Indica, Sativa is unable to manage the harsh cold climates as it has been found in a warmer climate. According to the history of Sativa plant, its common strains are found in Sour Diesel, Harlequin, Blue Dream, and silver Haze. 

Effects of Sativa cannabis

Sativa is primarily known for its highly energetic and boosting effects. Sativa contains low levels of CBD and high levels of THC to create a euphoric phenomenon that increases the level of creativity while keeping your head high. As reported by the users of Sativa cannabis, they tend to have improved sight and laughter.

Where the users tend to feel extraordinarily happy, this plant also induces paranoia because of the high percentage of THC.

When you are high on Sativa, it releases a great amount of energy in your body giving you a physical strength to work more. Therefore, you can smoke in mid-day or even in the morning after you wake up.

The recent movements in the legalization have increased the popularity of cannabis and its cross-breeding. As suggested by the scientific community, most of the cannabis we have today is a hybrid produced as the result of cross-breeding. 

Hybrid Cannabis

As suggested by the name, hybrid cannabis is a mixture of both plants discussed above. By combining the two plans Indica and Sativa, the recreated hybrid plant is produced which holds properties and effects of both plants. 

The combination of two plants resulting in complex and hybrid strains, it is quite difficult to identify the plant in its physical appearance and give it a single denotation about how it responds to the human body and mind. 

For your understanding, you can take the production of hybrid cannabis after the successful cross-breeding of two plants. One serving as the male and the second as the female plant. In the reproduction process, the male plant pollinates the female and produces a new seed. Yes, the hybrid cannabis seed. 

For the proper determination of hybrid cannabis, many factors need to be considered, such as the selection of two different plants to produce a hybrid having the properties, characteristics, traits of both the parent plants. The hybrid child plant resembles both parent plants in color, taste, smell as well as health-related medicinal properties.

One thing to keep in mind here is that, whether your product is labeled Sativa or Indica, it is sure that the strains you are smoking these days are hybrid. However, you might face either of Indica's effects or Sativa effects to be dominant. 

Effects of Hybrid Cannabis

Hybrid cannabis has its effects depending upon the quality of parent when you are in the retail store picking out cannabis for yourself, you should consider giving a glance at the THC and CBD percentages and chemical composition regardless of the product being Indica or Sativa. 

Hybrid cannabis has a blend of THC and CBD percentages that lies between those listed for the parent cannabis plants. However, with the increased legalizations, most of the cannabis you smoke has already been tested for the exact chemical composition. 

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