Eat Marijuana to Lose Weight. Is that Work?

Updated: Mar 5

Do you know that marijuana can help you to lose weight successfully? Many of you have listened to the people mentioning about "marijuana diet." There is nothing harmful or wrong about that diet plan. You should never be creating any misconception about marijuana until and unless you are not entirely aware of its background.

Will consuming marijuana Make you Gain Weight?

Well, the quick answer to this question will be "NO." You will never gain weight by consuming marijuana at any stage of your life. If you think you will, then you are completely wrong with this notion. Consuming cannabis will make you feel hungry or give you high cravings, but you will never gain weight at all.

It has been medically researched that primary psychoactive inside the herb named tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will be engaging specific cell receptors in the brain. This receptor will be stimulating the release of the primary hunger hormone known as ghrelin. Hormones act as potent modulators of your behavior. This is probably the main reason that many people will be finding themselves to eat more as compared to a normal situation after you have consumed cannabis.

At an average level, marijuana consumers are estimated to consume at least 600 calories on per day basis as compared to those who are non-consumers. But to date today, there are no such pieces of evidence that will clarify the fact that marijuana does not independently make your body fat.

On the contrary side, there has been the latest research-based on which it has been concluded that marijuana helps your body to maintain a healthy weight. Usually, marijuana users are having lower body mass indexes (BMIs) as well as smaller waistlines as compared to non-consumers.

Furthermore, marijuana users are also likely to be more obese, and they do have a lower level of fasting insulin as compared to the abstinent counterparts. Now you might be thinking about how marijuana consumers eat more, and still, they have less weight! This is a long debate to talk about!

Marijuana Helps to Turn Bad Fat Into Good Fat

Proponents of the CBD for the weight loss have also claimed that marijuana has the ability in which it can quickly transform bad fat into good fat. This will enable the body to burn an extra amount of calories. Having white fat in your body will increase the complications of facing different chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart attack.

According to the 2016 research report, marijuana is playing a significant role in terms of how the body reacts with the fats. It is not just useful to change white cells into brown cells, but at the same time, it helps to stimulate the body to break down the fats easily. According to researchers, marijuana will be an effective and promising therapy to prevent any obesity issues

Marijuana Reduces the Complications of Metabolic Disorders

According to 2018 research report, there has been a close link between metabolic disorders and obesity. Such disorders will be including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Somehow overactivation of different CB receptors inside the body is fully responsible for this. Overactivation of CB1 receptors within the fat tissue throughout the whole body will be contributing to metabolic risks as well as obesity. CBD or marijuana is responsible for blocking off CB1 receptors, which will often reduce the complications of facing obesity.

Some sorts of anti-inflammatory or antioxidant effects of the CBD are also responsible for reducing the level of blood and contributing to a healthy liver. Marijuana has different benefits, which are all contributing to a healthy weight formation. Receptors, strain, and cannabinoids, all of them are playing an essential role in maintaining a healthy weight in the human body.

Relationship Between THCV and weight loss

Now many users want to know about the specific marijuana substance that is promoting to a healthy weight loss! The answer is present in the cannabinoid, which is known as tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV. It is already present in a high amount inside Sativa strains. There have been few essential active ingredients in marijuana that will stop the vision loss as well. THVC will contribute to acting as a useful treatment against the issue of obesity-associated glucose intolerance.

Details about Weight loss and the Cannabinoid Receptors

CB2 receptors are positioned within the peripheral nervous system, as well as the immune system and within metabolically active tissue. Nevertheless, THC activates CB2 receptors in the same way as it will be activating CB1 receptors. The emergence of side effects is completely different.

According to the 2015 Australian report, activation of the cannabinoid receptors will be reducing the level of appetite and also prevent your body from building extra fats. This is probably the main reason why marijuana users are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome as compared to those who do not use marijuana at all. It has also been investigated that cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, is also accountable for acting as an appetite suppressant.

Overview of Basic Weight loss-friendly strains

Any such strain which is included with high THVC or even CBD can be beneficial for weight loss. Some of the strains are quite high in Charlotte’s Web, as well as Durban Poison and even Pineapple Purps. Those strains that are high in THC will be likely to bring the side effects of Munchies. So if you are planning some weight loss regimen, then it is better to stay connected with CBD or THVC.


To sum up the whole discussion, we would say that marijuana has been extremely beneficial for a successful weight loss journey. The emergence of CBD or THVC makes the whole process of weight loss extra convenient for you. You can find all cannabis product at the best online dispensary in Canada Canaweedonline ! Buy weed online , MOM Canada with large CBD selection .


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