Charlotte's Web strain, The history...

Charlotte’s Web is a form of cannabis strain that has been named after Charlotte Figi. This web strain is associated with the category of hemp variant because it has been included with high CBD content, which is around 17%. Charlotte’s Web is having almost 1% THC, which usually means that it is entirely non-psychoactive. This appealing cannabis is working as a completely natural therapy in which it is used to treat specific ailments.  

Historical Background of Charlotte’s Web Strain

In the year 2006, a 3-month-old girl named Charlotte Figi got into an experience of her very first seizure, which lasted for a maximum of 30 minutes. The second instantly came after one week, which stays longer as compared to the first one. Over the whole course of one year, repeatedly, this situation arises, and Charlotte was later on admitted to hospital.

During that whole course of time, Charlotte’s parents went to search for the answers that why just Charlotte is facing this health issue and not her twin sister. All the medical researches failed to find a suitable solution to bring Charlotte back to the normal life routine. Over time, it started to affect her whole development of the body.

At the age of 2, medial doctors unveiled that she was suffering from Dravet syndrome, which is also known as myoclonic epilepsy. This ailment was also incurable. With time she started getting seizures 2 times in one hour. This made doctors put her in a coma state so that her mind and body can rest for a while.

When medical technology failed, this made Charlotte father Paige Figi to take help from internet sources through which he gets to know about the CBD marijuana products. He studied how marijuana products are effective for the treatment of seizures. He made his way to a local marijuana dispensary and search for a product which is having most CBD and with little THC. And the rest is in front of you! Charlotte started to recover and develop her body growth all over again in just the least time period.

Aroma, Appearance & Flavor of Charlotte’s Web Strain

Charlotte’s Web strain has a pleasant and attractive aroma, which is included with earthy and piney scent. Its scent is quite light, but still, you can detect it easily. As regards the flavor has been concerned, it is quite sweet and has been accompanied by certain under notes of a primary woodsy flavor. Most of the time, its taste will also give you a resemblance of lemon, sage, or citrus.

Growing Information about Charlotte’s Web Strain

Charlotte’s Web Strain is a form of cannabis strain that cannot be cultivated on a commercial basis. Commercial rights of cultivation of this strain have been held by the Stanley Brothers Organization, which eventually makes this strain legal for the rest of the growers to grow on a commercial basis. But there are just a few people who are having authentic access to these Charlotte’s Web seeds.

If you are thinking about cultivating this strain for some medicinal purposes, then it is essential to get some specific clone of Charlotte’s Web marijuana seeds. You can grow it quickly in both indoor and outdoor areas. If you are harvesting it in outdoor areas, then it usually is ready to harvest during mid-October.

Effects of Charlotte’s Web Strain

This web strain is included with Indica and Sativa at the ratio of around 6:4. You can even classify it in the category of Sativa-dominant weed because it is included with a high amount of Sativa. Its THC is quite low, which does not make it psychoactive. It will improve your mood and relax your body by uplifting all your feelings.

Every single person who is using Charlotte’s Web Strain will respond differently to various types of web strain. But the majority of the people who have used it have acquired a significant change in their mood and demeanor. Furthermore, they have also experienced a sudden increase of energy in their body, which leads to showing better performance. This Sativa-dominant strain is also active in terms of creating a specific happiness wave. You can use it with some CBD capsules or oil for the treatment of certain diseases like stress and anxiety.

Medical advantages of Charlotte’s Web Strain

This marijuana weed is incredibly beneficial for the treatment of specific ailments or medical conditions. Right here we are discussing some of the primary and essential benefits of Charlotte’s Web Strain for the human body:


Charlotte’s Web Strain can control the epileptic episodes through the use of edible capsules, which are made from Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain. Any single person who is affecting from intense seizures or epilepsy, they can frequently make the use of Charlotte’s Web Strain.

Relieving Pain

This marijuana strain is included with a high percentage of CBD. You can use it effectively to manage your chronic pain, along with specific injuries. This has been one of the most effective benefits of this strain. There was a time when Charlotte’s Web Strain was also used for relieving the body pain, which takes place after cancer treatments. It can also minimize the pain, which takes place due to arthritis or muscle spasms. Plus, it can also treat specific chronic pain conditions in which we have Parkinson’s diseases or different neuropathic diseases.

Improvement in Mental Well-Being

The amount of CBD present in Charlotte’s Web Strain is sufficient in easing the signs of depression, anxiety, or stress. It brings a calming effect on your mind and improves your mood swings.

Improving Performance

Charlotte’s Web Strain is included with some dominant properties, which is excellent for the treatment of tiredness or fatigue. You can use it with some CBD capsules or oil for the treatment of certain diseases like stress and anxiety. It is also helpful to increase the level of energy in the human body and let them perform some physical activities with better improvement. For alertness and better focus, this weed improves the brain functioning at a premium level.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the whole discussion, we will conclude that Charlotte’s Web Strain is a form of premium and high-quality cannabis strain. It is rich with all those compounds which are necessary to fight off certain diseases or health conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties with which you can quickly deal with anxiety, stress, or depression. But make sure you use it after consulting your doctor to know about its actual dosage amount daily.

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