Canaweedonline just use Medical requirements for his cannabis! But what is it exactly?

Updated: Mar 5

We just use Medical requirements for our weed! But what is it exactly?

Who doesn't know about the famous recreational drugs marijuana and cannabis? Yes, the drugs that have various adverse effects on the human body and mind. Though there are negative effects of these drugs, you would be amazed to know that if used in a controlled amount, they do act as medicines and have health benefits. Marijuana and cannabis are being used for hundreds of years for treatment purposes. Many states of the USA are still using marijuana as medical drugs, even though the Food and Drug Administration does not approve them.

Marijuana and cannabis contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is an essential ingredient responsible for the alteration of the mental and physical state of a human being. The percentage of THC in marijuana varies, and it has been seen that this percentage has an increasing curve for many years, and it is continuing to increase at a steady rate as per the findings of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

THC is responsible for the stimulation of cannabinoid receptors present in the human brain after its intake. This stimulation of brain receptor cells is followed by numerous reactions of the body, such as reduced stress, pain relief, and an increase in hunger.

Other than THC, Cannabidiol (CBD) is present in marijuana, which also contains medicinal properties within it. CBD is not high in potency as THC and doesn't have intoxicating or psychoactive effects. As per the findings of the National Institute on Drug abuse, CBD can be used for the treatment of children, especially epilepsy. CBD can be given an oil form before use. However, more researches are being conducted to know the possible effects of CBD.

Medical marijuana is legalized in some states, yet the Drug regulatory authorities do not approve it. However, you would need a doctor's prescription and consultation before you get access to medical marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana contains properties that are beneficial for treating various ailments. Hundreds of researches have been conducted, and the researchers are continuing to study marijuana for its medical benefits.

Medical marijuana is effective in the treatment of the following ailments.

Chronic pain

THC present in cannabis or marijuana when it enters the body, it gets attached to the cannabinoid receptor cells in the nervous part of the human body.


Medical marijuana is also responsible for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, muscle seizures, etc. 

As stated by the California Medical Association, marijuana can also be used for the treatment of the following diseases. 


Chronic Pain







Muscle seizures

Multiple Sclerosis



Along with all the mentioned diseases, it is also helpful in treating ailments that might be deadly for you in case of no treatment, or which prevent you from performing major activities in daily life.

An important point that you need to be well aware of is that medical marijuana does not cure or treats the diseases, but it is useful for suppressing and relieving the symptoms. If we talk about deadly diseases such as AIDS, marijuana won't eliminate it out of your body. Still, it will do its job by relieving the symptoms so that you can have the quality of your life is improved with healthy feelings.

Cannabis is efficient in treating chronic pains of nerve injuries or nerve damages. CMA states that cannabis is effective when used for curing the neuropathic pain. Along with that, it is also useful in treating conditions that result in the loss of hunger, such as AIDS. They have properties that will make you feel hungry and eat more.

There are certain risks associated with medical marijuana. Let’s have a closer look at them and try to understand them. 


The major and most risky element of using medical marijuana for treatment is addiction. Since they have suppressed, pain-relieving properties, they do hold addictive properties as well. Researchers are not sure whether this addiction is psychological or physical. It has been suggested that 30 out of 100 people will get addicted to medical marijuana. Addiction is more common for users under the age of 18. 

You would be familiar with the phenomenon that after you become a marijuana dependent, it is hard to quit its use. Even if you try to quit, you will have to face severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms of marijuana include


Mood Swings




Physical Pain

Loss of appetite

Studies are being conducted to know the possible addictions and diseases that might occur as a result of using medical marijuana as you know that lung cancer is being led by smoking tobacco. Smoking marijuana or even its intake in any form might cause similar diseases because it contains similar chemicals as found in tobacco.  

Here are some of the listed side effects of medical marijuana as stated by NCI (National Institute of Cancer).

Low blood pressure 

Increased heart rate

Short Term memory loss

Reduced Attention to subjects



Decreased intelligence

Cognitive side-effects of medical marijuana include

Impaired Memory

Reduced Sense of time

Less Sensory perception

Decreased skills in problem-solving 

Less speaking

Reduced motor controls

Impaired body reactions

Increased bleeding from wounds


And lower levels of sugar

Patients of personality disorders, whether mental or emotional, may face hallucinations and paranoia. Consistent use of even medical marijuana may lead them towards the worst conditions of their mania or depression.

You can use medical marijuana in various ways such as 

By smoking like cigarettes

Including in edibles 

Swallowing orally in synthetic forms e.g., nabilone

The quantity or dosage will, however, be decided by your doctor. Even though you know a lot about medical marijuana or have experienced it for treatments, you still need your doctor's consultation. Marijuana helps by suppressing the adverse effects of other diseases, but it is not a cure. Therefore you need to be careful with the dosage, and in case you don't feel anything right, such as feeling addicted to it, you need to see your doctor immediately for further recommendations.

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